Welcome to the American Clan Gregor Society

The Officers and Members of the American Clan Gregor Society welcome you to the Official Website of the Society. Here you will find information on the history of Clan Gregor (MacGregor) in Scotland and our Society.

The objectives of our Society remain the same:

  • To gather MacGregors together in clanship.
  • To promote, foster and collect patriotic, historical and genealogical records for compilation, publication and addition to the History of the American descendants of the Clan Gregor of Scotland.
  • To aid descendants within the Clan Gregor.
Attention ACGS Members! If you have changed your address please notify the Society’s Treasurer, Dr. Bruce M. Whyte

The ACGS 2016 Annual Gathering…..Stay tuned, information about the location of the 2016 Annual Gathering will be coming soon.

The ACGS 2017 Annual Gathering…..Advanced planning is underway for San Antonio, Texas.


2015 Ardchoille Summer Newsletter